When Layrite’s passionate founder, Donnie Hawley, also a well respected barber, launched his company in 1999, it seemed the barbering trade was breathing its last breath. Nevertheless, Hawley was still in hot pursuit of perfecting his client’s haircuts. His technique was being hindered by the traditional petroleum-based products his patrons wore that wouldn’t rinse out. Never wanting to limit style, yet committed to an elevated standard of barbering; Donnie labored to find a solution. The end result was a water-soluble pomade formulated to withstand a catchphrase: “Hold Like Wax and Wash Out Like Gel.” After one of Donnie's patrons commented that his pomade was the only product that made his hair lay right, a brand was born. Layrite Men's Grooming Products have been setting the benchmark of traditional barbering and men's grooming ever since. They have become the staple brand used by barbers seeking quality and authenticity. Often imitated but never replicated.