Salt & Stone sunscreen Lotion FPS 30 in a half black half white recycled plastic tube with a flip it black dispenser cap and black and white writings

Salt & Stone Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30

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Founded in 2017 by pro snowboarder Nima Jalali, he wanted to create a company that reflects his environmentally friendly believes while still meeting his standards for high quality products. All of Salt & Stones products use ethical ingredients that are grown sustainably.


Salt & Stones mission was to create a unisex product that was superior to any other brand in the natural product market. All the ingredients used are grown and produced ethically, sustainably and free of pesticides. Salt & Stones packaging is made from recycled materials.


A sunscreen made from natural ingredients resistant to water and sweat for 45 minutes. Made for briar and avocado oil for its hydrating properties.


Apply a generous amount 15 minutes before sun exposure. Apply again 45 minutes after swimming or every two hours. 

Fun facts

  • Vegan friendly 
  • Water and sweat resistant for 80 minutes 
  • Perfume free   
  • 88ml