Oneka goldenseal and citrus organic conditionner in a long cylindric clear white plastic bottle with a press cap and white and orange labeling
Oneka cedar and sage creamy white organic conditionner spread on the table

Oneka Goldenseal and Citrus Organic Conditionner

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Derived from the mohawk tribe Ohne:ka means water. The name signifies the importance of water when making quality products. Oneka’s products use ingredients grown organically and respect the fundamental principles of permaculture. 


Goldenseal is a northern Canadian plant used for its tonic and purifying effects and ylang-ylang will leave a nice healthy shine to your hair.


A conditionner made from organic and locally grown materials. 


Apply a small amount to wet hair, in an even layer and let it sit a couple minutes. Rinse off any excess.

Fun facts 

  • Derived from organic ingredients 
  • Made in Quebec