Juniper Ridge White Sage body wash in an all clear cylindric plastic bottle with a flip top dispenser cap and white labelling of mountain and brand name
Juniper Ridge White sage body wash in a yellow brown transparent gel spread on a table

Juniper Ridge White Sage Body Wash

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Juniper Ridge’s motto is “nothing smells better than the forest”. All of their scents used for theirs products are harvested from wild flowers, plants, barks, moss, mushrooms and tree trimmings. All their products are named after where the ingredients were harvested. They use extraction methods that have been around for a hundred years, and don’t harm the environment. 



Natural and organic soaps, with naturally occurring antioxidants.



A full body soap, herbs and spicy resin scented, reminiscent of the American Southwest.



Apply to face and body, lather and rinse.


Fun facts 

  • Organic 
  • Natural antioxidant 
  • Full body soap 
  • Herbs and spicy resin scent
  • Made in California
  • 236.5ml